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The Phishing Training Challenge

Phishing Training is common in many businesses, but not advanced enough.

Advanced Protection

Many companies lack the advanced phishing protection education that is needed to help employees mitigate more complex threats such as social engineering and business Email Compromise (BEC).

Unprepared employees

These employees who don't receive advanced phishing protection education pose a serious risk and cost companies billions every year. At the same time, employees are not trained regularly enough to recognize new threats.


How can you improve Phishing Awareness?

What does a solution look like? Technology alone cannot prevent phishing attacks because it's not able to account for all the social nuances seen in BEC and spearphishing. That's why advanced simulation and engaging training play a vital role in any organization

The right anti-phishing awareness training should be personally tailored to each individual based on their unique vulnerabilities. This makes training engaging, impactful and great at changing behavior. It's the best way to ensure your most vulnerable employees are equipped with the tools they need to stop phishing attacks.

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